Brazil: Halal certification should be standardized


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Halal certification should be standardized for all Islamic countries that buy meats from Brazil, says the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

“Islamic rules should be unified across all Muslim countries,” said Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) secretary-general, Tamer Mansour, in an international online event on the halal market hosted by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. He explained that there are several different certification standards for Brazilian exporters shipping product to Muslim countries like Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Arab countries of the Gulf, reports the Brazil-Arab News Agency (ANBA), the news website of the ABCC.

“Brazil being a non-Muslim country, we need to help Brazilian businesses to grasp the relevance of halal, its added value, and the simplest way to do it would be to make certification rules consistent across the board. The most important thing when it comes to end products is that the entire production chain be halal. That’s what we are espousing in order to improve halal in Brazil,” he said.

The secretary-general pointed out that halal foods are one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, with USD 1.36 trillion in sales in 2018 and an expected USD 1.97 trillion in 2024. “We are really interested in this market, because 33% of all halal protein produced in Brazil ships to Muslim countries, and 18% of all halal protein in the world is supplied by Brazilian companies,” he said.