Covid-19: Turkey wants to reopen hotels


Mihas 2021 Banner lang - Covid-19: Turkey wants to reopen hotels
Photo: Engin Akyurt / Unsplash

Turkey wants to certify corona-free holiday resorts and thus attract tourists to the country again.

Turkey wants to identify and certify holiday resorts that are free of Covid-19, reports the GTAI, the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. According to the report, the holiday resorts should be checked in May. Tourists will present health certificates. Details are not known.

Airports, hotels, restaurants and museums would also have to adapt their services in such a way that visitors can maintain the required safety distance of three steps. In addition, medical personnel and equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras or clinical thermometers, are to be provided on site. Tour operators should get information about nearby medical facilities and their equipment.

When all preparations are complete, the Turkish government will contact various countries to begin restricting air traffic, said the GTAI. The Turkish Minister of Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, expects visitors from Asia first, followed by Germany and Austria.

The spread of the coronavirus in Turkey has not yet relaxed. According to data from the Johns Hopkins University Turkey is now the seventh most affected country in the world (April 22).

If Turkey relaxes the travel restrictions imposed in mid-May, according to Minister Ersoy, local tourists could visit the holiday resorts again from June. International tourists should follow the local visitors.