Find halal restaurants: Crave Halal starts in the UK

Screenshot Crave Halal

A new app makes it easier to search for halal restaurants in the UK. Crave Halal launched a feature called Halal Perks that allows users to get discounts.

So far, only users in the USA and Canada have been able to use the halal restaurant app, Crave Halal, but now it has also started in the UK. The app currently lists more than 4,000 halal restaurants, reports Crave Halal. The “Halal Perks” function had been introduced for the users, with which users could receive discounts of 10 to 30 percent in selected restaurants.

More than 21,000 halal restaurants in the USA, Great Britain and Canada can be found on the app, according to the company. It is currently used by 50,000 users.

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