“Halal standard with the highest requirements”


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IIDC-Präsident Günther Ahmed Rusznak. (Foto: Austrian Standard Institute
IIDC-Präsident Günther Ahmed Rusznak. (Foto: Austrian Standard Institute)

Halal certifier IIDC Austria/Germany/Hungary has now accredited for the Gulf States. IIDC President Günther Ahmed Rusznak talks about the background, the benefits for customers and whether they can also certify slaughterhouses in all countries in Europe.

Mr. Rusznak, you have been newly accredited as a certifier by the Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC) and the Standardisation Authority (ESMA) in the United Arab Emirates. Why was this necessary?
The U.A.E. authorities have created the new standard U.A.E. S 2055 and its ancillary standards and demanded a new accreditation of the certification organisations according to these standards. It is currently the standard with the highest requirements worldwide and we were able to meet these requirements completely. For this reason, IIDC Austria/Germany/Hungary has now been re-accredited.

What does this mean for you and your customers compared to the situation before?
For us and our customers, this means that all Islamic criteria will now be tested and certified – as before – as well as ISO criteria. The effort is correspondingly higher.

Which products can you now certify?
With our highly qualified personnel we can cover all areas of the food industry.

The accreditation also includes the OIC/SMIIC 2 standard of the Muslim countries. What are the benefits for your customers?
The OIC/SMIIC 2 standard enables additional acceptance in many Muslim countries.

Your accreditation only applies to Austria, Germany and Hungary. What should a company from Switzerland do?
We are allowed to certify all products in Austria, Germany and Hungary. In other countries, too, but slaughterhouses are excluded. These would then have to be audited, certified and approved together with the Dubai Accrediation Center (DAC).