Malaysia: Halal fair Mihas takes place digitally


Mihas 2021 Banner lang - Malaysia: Halal fair Mihas takes place digitally
Badrul Hisham, Matrade. (Photo: Matrade)

The halal fair Mihas will start as a digital event in September. 400 exhibitors from twelve industries are expected.

Mihas 2021 will be held entirely digitally from 9 September to 31 December 2021. Up to 400 exhibitors, including both investors and trading partners, are expected to attend, according to Malaysia’s foreign trade promotion agency Matrade. It organises the halal trade fair.

This year, the virtual fair will focus on twelve industries that represent the currently growing halal market. These include the food industry, education, pharmaceuticals, services, e-commerce, fashion and cosmetics as well as the Islamic finance sector and the leisure and travel industry. In addition to the exhibition, other exchange opportunities would be offered such as industry-specific conferences and a virtual networking lounge.

“The fast-growing halal market is having a positive impact on Mihas,” says Badrul Hisham, Trade Commissioner of Matrade in Germany. Meanwhile, he adds, the demand for halal products and services is increasing worldwide, even among non-Muslims. “We hope that our invitation will be met with great interest from German food manufacturers, traders and investors,” said Hisham.

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