Meat industry: Millenials convince with quality

Helmut Hübsch, GfK. (Photo: Thomas Fedra / dfv)

Younger consumers are increasingly paying attention to quality criteria such as species-appropriate animal husbandry and environmentally friendly production. The specialist trade must win them over for the future.

Germans consume less meat and sausage. GfK consumer researcher Helmut Hübsch explained the reason at the German Meat Congress in Wiesbaden: the “rebuilders”, born before 1952, would gradually be replaced by “smarties”, born from 2012. The generations after the rebuilders (41 kilograms of meat and sausage per year) consumed less meat. Baby boomers (born between 1952 and 1966) would eat 36 kilograms, Generation X (born between 1967 and 1981) 25 kilograms and the Millenials (1982 -1996)/i-Brains (1997 – 2011) 21 kilograms of meat and sausage.

With 64 percent, craft businesses would enjoy the highest level of trust in terms of quality. Food retailers (22 per cent), brands (21 per cent) and manufacturers (17 per cent) would rather not. However, the opening hours of specialist shops are a problem for the younger ones. They would prefer to shop in the evening. Then these shops would already be closed – and discounters in particular would benefit because they would be open longer.

“Consumers are increasingly paying attention to quality criteria such as species-appropriate animal husbandry, few additives, fair producer prices, without genetic engineering and environmentally friendly production,” says the consumer researcher. It is important to win it for the future. Therefore the specialized trade must go straight to the younger ones and place the topic quality into the focus.

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