Philippines launches new halal logo


Mihas 2021 Banner lang - Philippines launches new halal logo
Foto: Michael Buillerey / Unsplash

The Philippines have a new national halal logo and want to export even more halal products.

The Philippines want increase the export of their halal exports. That is why the Philippine Ministry of Commerce has launched a  national halal logo, reports Salaam Gateway. This means that all certification bodies and companies wishing to certify in the Philippines must comply with the country’s new Halal standards.

Halal sales in the Philippines in 2017 amounted to 5.52 billion pesos (106 million) or 8.73 percent of the country’s total exports worth 63.23 billion pesos, Salaam Gateway said. Food and non-alcoholic beverages accounted for 90 percent, while the remaining volume consisted of personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and detergents.

The main halal export destinations from the Philippines are Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.